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An exit and two bankruptcies

Lessons learned in terms of risks, from an exit and two bankruptcies of startups in which I have invested

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Sustainable Agriculture

Agtech’s role in relation to climate change – new technologies

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Growth Areas in the Green Economy

Potential investment opportunities in the “green economy”

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The Taobao Village next to you

Taobao villages are flourishing in China and soon in the rest of the world.

Smaller cities have Shihuituan.

Who is the alter ego in other emerging markets?

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Charm Impact – Driving positive change

Solar Mini Grid in Nigeria

Interview with Gavriel Landau, Founder and CEO of Charm Impact

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Data will improve the lives of the unbanked

CARMA aims to fill in the gap for credit reference services in underserved markets.

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EVs and the City

Should we create low emissions zone s(LEZ) or zero-emissions zones (ZEZ) in our cities?

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Strategic Competitive Advantage

Systems thinking for competitive advantage – what is your long term sustainable reason for succeeding in business?

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