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Uncapped SAFEs

Why I don’t fund uncapped SAFE or convertible notes

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Transforming Tradition: Entrepreneurship and the Fight Against Food Waste in the Middle East

Food waste is a significant issue in the #MiddleEast, with an estimated 250 kilograms of food being wasted per person annually in the region. Addressing #foodwaste needs innovative solutions #startup

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Revolutionizing Food Waste: An Inside Look at Willy Anti-Gaspi

Willy anti-gaspi, a cutting-edge startup tackling food waste avoidance

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Managing portfolio maturity: tips for successful outcomes

Managing an investment portfolio involves considering the benefits and drawbacks of rebalancing investments and exiting startups. Balancing your portfolio can help reduce risk and diversify returns, but going too far may lead to missing out on high-growth opportunities. Establishing a set of rules to guide your sales decisions can make investing easier to manage and minimize emotional biases. When deciding to sell, it’s important to keep in mind your investment goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Sticking to a disciplined plan can help you achieve your long-term goals.

By keeping…

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XRG Global – Revolutionizing Global Workplace Training & Development with VR Solutions

I interviewed Natalie Miller, co-founder and COO of XRGGlobal (*), a company that builds virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality solutions that revolutionize learning and development in emerging markets. What prompted you to launch? My co-founder Bryan had brought virtual reality to the training company he was Vice President of in the US and saw time and time again the dramatic increase in knowledge retention and decrease in seat time compared to the typical training methods previously used. He wanted to bring that to the emerging markets where he felt there would…

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