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Kibus: robot cooking for pets

Kibus Petcare is an automated pet food feeder that supplies healthy food. An automatic, convenient device that cooks healthy, natural, and minimally processed dog food.

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Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Sequestration

Regenerative agriculture and carbon farming, i.e., carbon sequestration in the Middle East. #Saudi #Egypt #UAE #Jordan #Lebanon best practices

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T40: disrupting passenger transportation in Africa

T40 is disrupting the intercity transportation and logistics industry across Africa – increasing revenues for transportation and logistics service providers and bringing a platform for customers to book tickets and send parcels

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How to Improve your chances of raising a seed round

This is a co-authored post with Jorge Goncalves, who is also a lawyer and the co-founder, and CEO of 4YouSee Arenas. We offer some perspectives and tips on how entrepreneurs may improve their chances of raising a seed round. You can read more about Jorge and 4YouSee Arenas, at the bottom of this post. Who are you? What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur? You are the entrepreneur and the ultimate decision-maker at this stage. Whether you and your startup do well or not is up to you. Own…

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Freshbox: Avoiding food waste at the farm

Freshbox, a Kenyan startup focusing on avoiding food waste in East Africa, by offering affordable cooling solutions

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