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Freshbox Kenya

Freshbox: Avoiding food waste at the farm

Freshbox, a Kenyan startup focusing on avoiding food waste in East Africa, by offering affordable cooling solutions

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Regenerative NFTs: A How-to Start Guide for climate-conscious artists

W3 could stand for Wild World Web, but the truth is that you meet some of the most interesting people in the space of the internet continuum that is increasingly becoming known as the decentralized web 3.0, a potential gateway to the Metaverse of the future. In such a context, I was fortunate enough to participate in an event organized by ClimateDAO which hosted Maya Frost as its main speaker, as an “ideas scout” for my soon-to-be-launched carbon reduction and offsetting startup, NoC02. One of the most interesting questions at…

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Building unicorns

For early stages investments, building unicorns is more art than science, nevertheless, there are some common traits that can be easily identified and certain metrics around traction and valuation that are useful

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Moni: enabling groups and communities to meet their objectives

Moni (YC22) is solving lack of cash and credit for mobile money agents in Nigeria

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Real-Life Heroes: Lina and Ted

This is my tribute to all impact entrepreneurs, but more particularly to the main characters of this post: Lina (co-founder and CTO of Carmachain) and Ted (co-founder and CEO of Carmachain)

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