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These are some of the impact-focused startups in which I have invested:


Aquaponic farms that combine shrimp production with market gardening


Urban farming in rooftops


Peer to peer credit lending data exchange platform for the unbanked

FAE Bikes/Charzer

(Fast Affordable Electric) is setting up India’s biggest network of Zero-Capex Charging points and providing smart IoT-enabled electric scooters for Micro-Mobility and Logistics.


Cooperative bio-supermarket chain


Gecco collects and transforms your waste into renewable energies!

Genuine Impact

Next-Gen Financial Terminal for DIY Investors

Happy Hours Market

Reduces food waste while giving access to healthy affordable food at reasonable prices


Thermal solar generation and storage

Manufacture 2030

A software tool designed to help manufacturers simplify and accelerate their existing resource efficiency programs

Mopeasy – Clem

Electric carsharing and smart charging

My Food

Design and sale of connected greenhouses to decentralize agricultural production and give families and cities the means to produce healthy, ultra-fresh food.


Converts footsteps into energy, data and engagement

Solaris Offgrid

Solar PAYG in off-grid areas

Superfluid Labs

Machine learning and artificial intelligence for African startups


World’s most ecological Zinc and Manganese-based micronutrient products, obtained from recycled batteries

urban | electric

Urban Electric

Creating the UK’s largest urban electric vehicle charging network


Next-gen baked goods sugar substitute

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Please feel free to reach me out if you want further information about any of these startups or if you are aware of any investment opportunities similar to the above.

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