Growing a Greener Portfolio: My 2023 Investments

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Below is a recap of the startups in which I have invested in 2023, aligned with my focus on early-stage, cleantech, and emerging markets. These startups operate in the fields of agriculture, sustainability, and environmental technology.


  1. Country of Incorporation: Spain
  1. Year of Incorporation: 2021
  1. Last Financing Round Stage: not public yet
  1. Mission:

At Agrow, we bridge the gap between corporations and agricultural producers through our tech platform. Our mission is to become the strategic partner between responsible organizations and professionals in sustainable agriculture, through innovative solutions that maximize agricultural production and reduce its water footprint, transforming irrigation management and water efficiency.

We focus on three fundamental pillars:

  1. maximizing water efficiency in sustainable agriculture,
  2. facilitating responsible organizations to reach their water-positive and water-neutral goals through water offset credits, and
  3. employing cutting-edge technology to prevent and mitigate Water Stress. All with the aim of forging a Water+ future for communities and the planet.

We aspire to lead a paradigm switch that sees water not only as a limited resource but as part of a regenerative and sustainable cycle

  1. Products/Services:

We pinpoint water-saving opportunities, guide producers in implementing them, and allow corporations to offset with saved water credits. Our mission is to digitize irrigation, reduce resources, and make water conservation both practical and financially possible.

Users benefit from:

  • Precise irrigation schedules are provided up to a week in advance for each zone.
  • Crop monitoring via satellite imagery, detailed weather data, and IoT device integration.
  • Transparent and accurate quantification and certification of water footprints.
  • Distinctively, Agrow stands out as a strategic ally for companies aiming for water neutrality and producers striving for sustainability and efficient water use.
  1. Target Markets:
  • Spain
  • Qatar
  • Chile
  • Peru

Ideal Customer profile:

  • Corporation: aiming to be water-positive or water-neutral by 2030.
  • Sustainable producers: 30 hectares minimum with technified irrigation and producers of valuable crops ( fruits and vegetables mainly).
  • Golf courses and urban gardens.


1. Country of Incorporation: India (main P&L entity)
2. Year of Incorporation: 2018
3. Last Financing Round Stage: June 2023 ($250K)
4. Mission: Leading the Path Towards Carbon Neutrality
5. Products/Services:  Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with AI and Digital Twins Platform.
6. Target Markets: India, Middle East, Europe, US and APAC



1. Country of Incorporation: Switzerland.

2. Year of Incorporation: 2021.

3. Last Financing Round Stage: Not announced. 

4. Mission: “Powering the future of aviation with sustainable aviation fuel – affordable air travel without the carbon footprint”.

5. Products/Services: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (e-SAF) / e-SAF production technology. Our differentiators are energy and carbon efficiency, and product selectivity.

6. Target Markets: Airlines (Passengers and freight) and fuel traders/logistics companies for the produced fuel/fuel producers for technology licensing.



  1. Country of Incorporation: Procens SAS (Argentina); Procens LLC (Delaware)
  2. Year of Incorporation: SAS 2020 LLC 2022
  3. Last Financing Round Stage (if public): Seed 1.75MU$ + 500KU$ bridge
  4. Mission:
    PROCENS aims to lead the development of an insect industry in Argentina and Latin America through circular and profitable nutrient recycling solutions.
    We develop modular and replicable plants of Black Soldier Fly’s (BSF) larvae rearing and processing, to convert local Food Waste (FW) from agro-industrial players into premium alternative protein for animal feed and biofertilizer for regenerative agriculture. Our entire production process is chemical-free, has zero waste, and has a negative carbon footprint.
    Purpose = Preserve, foster, and regenerate life on earth
  5. Products/Services:
    Proticens: 58% animal protein, highly-digestible.
    Lipicens: 41% lauric acid, antimicrobial properties.
    Forticens: 90% organic fertilizer.
  6. Target Markets:
    Animal feed (ProtiCEns + LipiCens): petfood + aquiculture + poultry + pigs
    Agro (FertiCens): crops/soil regeneration/agroforestry


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in any of these startups or in sharing deal flow (my views on this).

Investing in early-stage startups in the fields of agriculture, sustainability, and environmental technology not only has the potential for significant financial returns but also contributes to creating a more sustainable and greener future


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