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FoodTech investment thesis

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After my previous investment in Procens, a black soldier-fly (BSF) startup located in Argentina, I have recently invested in my second FoodTech company, Softseaweed, a startup offering software and IoT solutions for the seaweed industry, based in Norway.

This has prompted me to reflect on the need for an investment thesis for FoodTech startups. The following are my current reflections:

FoodTech investment criteria

Look for startups/entrepreneurs:

My preferred potential areas for investment within food tech are:

In addition to the above, any FoodTech startup should meet my usual investment criteria:

With regards to the criteria for selection:

With regards to the criteria for allocation within my portfolio of investments:

There’s a big difference between industrializing production of tractors and industrializing production of food. We like technology, but we really like technology that allows us to do better what nature does itself. 

Joel Salatin
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